Vegan Chickpea Avocado Salad

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Why do I try to do the 1234recipes??? Because I’m lazy and forgetful, any other questions??? Besides, I just like to make people comfortable with math. :-)

So, this one takes a little bit of prep work, but nothing to bust a sweat or anything, so relax. Plus, its vegan (yup). Get a bag of 12 ounce chick peas/chana, I believe Americans call them garbanzos.

Soak them in water the night before, let the water double the mass of the peas, wait, you know what I mean, right? Let them soak overnight.

After you put your peas to soak, mix these in a glass container and refrigerate. I like to think of them as getting to know each other before they make their debut, plus it’s the closest I get to marinating anything!

So, put these together and leave in the fridge overnight as well.

1 bunch scallion

3 cloves garlic

2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

1/4 tsp each of Himalayan salt and cayenne pepper  

1/4 teaspoon each of marjoram, cumin, and coriander

1/4 cup olive oil  

Now, the next morning, boil the peas for like an hour, or until they are how you like them. For me, I like a lil crunch, but not like popcorn, you feel me?

 While the peas are boiling, mix these together:

1 red bell pepper  

2 handfuls cilantro or parsley 

*3 cups soaked and cooked chickpeas, maybe let them cool a little too

4 haas avocados diced (any other avocado is just uncivilized) - geez, where the hell am i gonna get my avocados from if this guy builds this wall????? selfish statement, i know, but these are my fave avocados!


After the peas are cool enough to handle, you can mix all of the ingredients together, and boom, goodness and light! 

My experience: I soaked one one bag of chickpeas and afterwards boiled them for about an hour and they were cooked. I was able to put away half of the peas in the freezer to make more another day. Full disclosure here people: I didn’t take off the skin like shell of the peas after I boiled them 😞 Look man, it was late, and I was hungry, and it already smelled so damn good, plus they probably have some nutritional value anyway (I hope). It still wasn’t enough, or maybe I’m just greedy. I damn near at the entire bowl myself 🤷🏾‍♀️ and I was pretty pissed that the rest of the peas were frozen!!!

Let me know how it goes, if you try it. Well, I really want to know is if anyone out there almost ate it all at one sitting like my greedy ass did!