The Adult Student

Well today it hit me, I was like “Rock, wtf are you doing? You’re nearly 70 and you signed up for an advanced stats class ” I guess I didn’t realize that the technology had advanced to programming with software, and y’all know how great I am with technology 😬

Geez, I really gotta start doing this homework, now I know what my students felt like last semester.  It’s like you think there’s time to catch up, but you’re always running to catch that sliver of time you need 😏 

I can’t keep staying up late and watching The Good Doctor and thinking I can get it all done tomorrow. 

Its different for moms, we have to plan time for ourselves, our studies, time to create and reflect, and time to wash and cook. 

I guess there is no real purpose to this post, besides, damn I’m tired and it’s only Tuesday! 


I gotta get better. 

Any ideas on how to be more productive? 




This guy remininded me of my plight 😎 

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