Travel • Learn • Teach • Repeat



Looking at the red lines in the whites of the eyes, as well as the iris itself, you can really find out a LOT.  It interests me, it's like Geometry of the Eyes.  Everything means something and that's super cool to me.


Math Tutoring

Well this comes supernaturally to me.  I can make students of all ages 'get it'.  I'm doing this on my own through my own site, because I don't want to pretend to be perky and upbeat to tutor on the other platforms.  I feel as though I can be my normal sarcastic self and get it done - plus it's a lot cheaper for students this way.  Who really wants to spend 60 minutes doing some math problems on purpose? Yep, probably only me!


Wood you?

 Naturally me.  I just like creating things - and re-creating them even more.  Infusing a bit of culture into every piece I work with.  


Soaps and Stuff

Revolutionary soaps and stuff, that will change the way you feel.  Soaps are hand made with oils and herbs that are beneficial to breathing.  Not that melt and pour shit, I took my time, researched and learned how to make these in my crockpot.  Because I just love the crockpot and feel that it is an overlooked modern invention. :-)