Natural Roach Spray

I hate roaches. I also hate that aerosol spray that ‘kills’ them. It seems like they’re indestructible, and it takes a shitload of that nasty smelling crap to even make a roach THINK about giving up on life! And I’m hella asthmatic and that smell… horrid.

So, while I clean up the kitchen at night, I make them a little cocktail too.

1 cucumber

2 lemons (juiced)

3 bay leaves

4 cups of spring water (it shouldn’t matter, but i figure even the roaches won’t gravitate toward chlorine, so make it nice and organic for them)

Chop and cube the cucumber and put it in the 4 cups of water and bring to a boil

Take off the heat and let cool, after about 30 minutes, strain the cucumbers out

Drop the bay leaves and lemon juice in the strained mixture

Put in a cute glass bottle and spray the corners (or where you think roaches enter)

You can also boil bay leaves in water and mop the floor with your new concoction. Come to think of it, I think the lemon and cucumber might be garnish, because putting bay leaves in a cute dish in the corners of cupboard and the sink work just as well!

You could also just cut the lemons in half, arrange on a few slices of cucumber and put a bay leaf or two in the lemon and put in the corner of the bathrooms and bedrooms. I mean that’s lazy man style, or if you think you have raw vegan roaches ;-D, but it works for me! My dog just rolls his eyes at my roach treat, he doesn’t even try to eat it, and he loves citrus.