Farmers Market Vendor Checklist

Well after I was hooked on making soap and kush mush and all the laundry powder, and toothpaste and mouthwash, and just all the shit I make. I can’t possibly use it ALL??? So I found a Farmers Market to go to and spend the day and, well, not really talk to anyone, but I grade my papers and read, and eat great vegan food, and buy jewelry. I guess I should be more focused on selling, but truth be told, this is an outlet for me - and a day to myself, and as a mother of 4, I don’t get many!

The first few months, I was forgetting shit left and right, then I finally got the hang of it, and even though I still can’t put up that tent (that’s what the children are there for), I can have that car packed in 5 minutes flat by 8:00am!

And since sharing is caring, I actually tried Canva to make the list pretty for you guys, and of course… free!

Download the Farmer’s Market Vendor Checklist here

I even got it together for when the kiddos had to come with me. I packed an extra camping tent for them, books, snacks, games and then iPad at the very last hour as a reward. Ya’ll know they fell asleep in there, right? :-D

Best practice is to pack the night before, but sometimes, I’m so darn tired, I can’t be bothered, and for those times, this checklist taped to the front door for the literate do-good-er that wakes up first, is the next best thing!