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Time After Time

I really like the use of manipulatives (blocks and things you can actually touch and move) during class, for ALL ages. Most teachers thing that blocks are only for kindergarten, but I’ve seen how much the 10th grade geometry class learns with something concrete…. and scented markers, but that’s just me doing the most!

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Bad Science TED Talk Review

This was for an assignment, but the Ted Talk by Dr. Goldacre is REALLY good, even if you don’t care about statistics :-)

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Move the Crowd

Please research the topic of crowdsourcing, as it applies to action learning group, intellectual capital, and technology and learning.  This post is my response to this mini-assignment.

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Interpreting Quantitative Research

Discuss how both Descriptive and Inferential Statistics are utilized in quantitative research to answer stated research questions. Explain how the data are interpreted using these techniques. And briefly discuss how the output is relayed to the reader…

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Using Tech in Your Lesson Plans

Answer and discuss the following upon reviewing the ISTE Essential Conditions. These conditions that "are the 14 critical elements necessary to effectively leverage technology for learning" are are available from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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Types of Quantitative Research

What are the major differences between experimental, quasi experimental, and non-experimental research?

Discuss the three major conditions to meet cause and effect. Provide a typical experimental "weakness" that wouldn't allow a researcher to determine cause and effect.

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