5 Things Those Invisible Braces People Won't Tell You

Well after two tries at traditional braces, and at the ripe old age of none of your damn business, I decided to try the invisible braces route.  And well into month three, I have figured out things that can help you - that they surely aren't going to tell you!

First, a disclaimer, I don't do affiliate posts, cause #1 I ABSOLUTELY HATE those ads when I am trying to read a damn article, and #2, I have no idea or interest in being a mini billboard for someone else

So, here's what I've learned

1) That little aligner remover thingie, that comes with your kit, throw that shit away, use a paper towel, or your cotton shirt or dress - although in Month 3, I am able to remove them with my bare hands, and rather easily (not sure why yet - still under investigation).  Start removing from the opposite hand side (huh?).  So if you are right-handed, remove from the left side of your aligner first, and vice-versa for lefties

2) You WILL be one of those people who FAST!!! Right, so if you said, 'me not eat for 8 hours, I could never' - uh, you are now!  It's just a real bother to remove them (and there's that nagging fear that you might just lose them) every time you want a snack, or to just drink iced tea, or have coffee or a random cup of tea in the day... Fasting here you come! Eat a good clean breakfast in the morning and have water until you can sit at your damn dinner table and eat again!

3) Change on Wednesday nights before bed, just my tip - and take a tylenol or pain reliever with the change.  Use one of those clear cheese plastic dishes to keep the aligners in while you eat AT HOME, and use the cute little travel one they give you while you are on the road.  The next morning it won't be that great to eat anyway, so bring on the weight loss baby!!!

4) Meet your new best friends... Fiji, Voss and Agua - all you can drink with these aligners (and not remove them) is water, so have at it.... your skin will love you for it, and you will probably lose some weight in the process, and you'll get your steps in by going to the bathroom every five frigging minutes!  And really, you're not gonna spend a fortune on looking good and then dump tap water in that temple are ya???

5) Probably won't need that crazy USB powered whitener they give you either!!! You will be drinking less coffee, less tea, hopefully no soda, and you island folk are looking at curry chicken in  a whole different light now, so probably won't need that stuff! But now you're looking for natural toothpaste and you don't know why? 

Well, I am... so I'll probably be making that next!


So, I couldn't figure out how to insert my crappy pictures in the post... maybe next time.  Hope this helps you along your journey, or with the planning if you are thinking of taking the plunge!