Easy Ass Smoothie Recipe

Honestly, I’m not the best cook.  Okay, to be absolutely truthful, I suck at cooking. 😬


But I’m really good at eating and making soap, and other inedible shit.

For the smoothies, I kinda just use the stuff i wish they would eat and sneak it in to the blender - and this morning, that man I live with GUZZLED down this smoothie - omg, I had to hide and laugh, because he never eats blackberries, or drinks almond milk - but he loved it - and #4 did too, #2 missed out, because she was sleeping over at my cousins house, but I think she would have liked it too 🤗, and have been super proud of my sneak attack tactics 😭!


Anywayz... another fresh 1-2-3-4 recipe:

1 cup of crappy fruit that they don't like (or veggies*) - I put that first, so it goes to the bottom of the Vitamix and they don’t really notice (oh the lengths we’ll go to for nutrition!)

2 cups of sweet fruit (damn near overripe is good too)

3 cups of milk (I use almond milk)

4 cups of ice

zoop zoop in the vitamix thing for like 52 seconds and shazaam - goodness and light

*the veggies would be kinda rude, but a prof i met in the lounge the other day said she makes spinach and mango smoothies, and her kids luv 'em???

Apparently I also suck on sizing pictures :-)

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