17 Things About Me

  1. I'm a Gemini.  I feel this is important to state up front because it may explain things later down the line. We like to bounce from one thing to another and are super witty.  Geminis can become restless and impatient, even irritable (nah).
  2. I wash clothes every day, but I don’t fold them.
  3. I'm a numbers person.
  4. I'm an orphan – not an Oprah fan.
  5. I took that StrengthFinder test –  Top 3 were Logic, Learner and Idea, so don't look for any feelings and that kinda mushy stuff from me.
  6. I'm unapologetically African!
  7. I REALLY like to travel with kids (not particularly my own) just because most parents don't have time to focus on this, and can't really afford it, so I started a little non-profit to spread awareness about School Choice, scholarships and travel learning.  We currently help families in Florida and Georgia get scholarships to private schools and/or find the best public school for their child – magnet and charter too.  Would love any donation you could make, since we rely on the donations to do stuff with the kids.  Last thing we did was take them to a Hip Hop Show at the Opera Center in Miami.  Hilarious!  . www.thepurplegroup.org
  8. I have 19 kids and counting – ok just 4 are human – 1 is hella fluffy – and the rest shed leaves and feathers.
  9. I like Feng Shui, tarot cards and palm reading.
  10. I can interpret dreams.
  11. I'm a great cook, uh, I mean inventor.  Like a DIY Empress.  As #3 gently reminds me.. "Mom, sometimes you just have to buy the thing." You do NOT want to eat my cooking.
  12. I'm a bread lover, and a fighter (oss).
  13. I always have a book with me.
  14. I dream about knitting beautiful sweaters and scarves. 
  15. I've submitted the Lilac Crested Roller Bird to Djibouti to use as their national bird.  They don’t have a national bird and our class found it disturbing when we discovered that last year! He is pictured below – isn’t he gorgeous!
  16. I name my plants: Phil, Ivy, Lurch, Shasha (rest in peace - Hurricane Irma took her to heaven), Mani (big up Ethiopia), Warren, Kitch, Elle (pronounced El – ee), Kelly (no relation), Bob, Villa, George (not to be confused with Jorge – my jeep), Bruno, Amelia, Sade (like the singer), Jade (rhymes with made), Jasmin, Harriet, Nagib, Ray, Sonny, and Shine.
  17. I play music for my plant family.  Relax, not Rock Music, but like Brazilian Jazz and they really like the Son Little station on Pandora (and they never complain about the ads). I mean, really, isn't that what bluetooth outdoor speakers were made for?