The Tech Teacher

How does Clark’s statement--that technology is to education what a delivery truck is to a grocery store--impact your personal rationale for using technology in education?

Who doesn't love a good analogy? But this 'word fraction' isn't really a good one.

Yes, everyone has to eat, but not everyone goes to the grocery store.  And what about the farm to table option??

For me, I understand that technology is a necessary evil.  I'm not really good with it, I can use it to do what I want for the most part, but I don't really understand how it works. I would like for my students to be able to understand the how and why and also create code and make and edit videos and experience all the good that can come from this computer age.

I'm thinking a better analogy would be:  technology is to education what a healthy BMI is to eating food.  Weird, huh?  But think about it.  Everyone eats food, but the people with a healthy Body Mass Index, really understand what food is and how to combine it for your benefit and can balance it with exercise to stay healthy and fit.

We all receive an education (not necessarily by attending school), but if we could use the technology with a balance of old school style to get the most out of it, truly understand and create things with it, that would be the best use.

Things really need to change in the classrooms, especially in the low-income areas.  The way they are now, technology is passing the students like a full bus.  It's not stopping for them to get on, and if they can catch it, there isn't any room for them!

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