Easy Ass Chicken Pot Pie

I made this because pot pies intrigue me! I thought it turned out well, as did #2, but #3 and #4 didn’t like it, but I’m thinking thats because they generally don’t eat a lot of veg, whereas my first set of children were vegetarian! Damn, where did I go wrong??? Don’t answer that, I know where! Anyways, here’s the recipe if you want a go at it, and let me know how your fam likes it

1 large potato

1 cup flour (unbleached/organic)

2 cups veggies

3 carrots (the purple ones look cooler)

4 cups cooked chicken or mushrooms

1 milk: 2 broth ratio of liquid


season with salt, pepper, thyme, garlic, pepper sauce, onion, the normal island shit

makes 3 overflowing pies, or 4 aiight pies, or 2 pies and leftover for another time (freeze it)


bake for 27 minutes at 415 degrees (odd ball times and temps, i love it!)