8 things to think about before house hunting overseas

 OMG, so you want to get a place on an island somewhere, or a peninsula, or just outside of the U.S. to see how it is? or in the US by a lake, with leeches?


Sweet, this is what we thought of, and our checklist is actually saved, so you can let me know if you want it.  We have put together our list (ok, not we, but just #2, cause she’s weird like that) of top 8 things to thing about when looking for a place to rent or buy.  And by, 'we' I mean, our fam - not a business, because we are just weird like that, and love lists!


How close is the nearest grocery place? If it's 20 minutes away, and you aren't homesteading, this might be a problem, Houston.  What about parks and a coffee place?  You (and someone you rent to) will be creating their usual-places list there, so think about it.  



How close is the nearest police station?  What do the neighbors (not the homeowner) say about crime in the area? We stay in airbnb's that are close to the area we're looking at and get the 'feel' of the neighborhood.  Not sure if it's because we are super smart or just too damn nosy, but it works out well to get a handle on the other items on this list. 



How easy would it be to add a room or two? expand the kitchen? put a second floor? or as #2 says '1-2-3-boom' and tear the whole damn thing down and start fresh? New shops and houses going up in the area are a sign of growth, but maybe you don't want to live in that kind of congestion again.  



Is the bus or train near? What about colleges? Do you want to be in an area that has an active night life with those damn scholars beer-ponging all kiss my ass night?

It all depends on what you are looking for.  Don't mean to offend any college professors that beer pong with their students!  For us, the view is important, cause we sit around and shit-talk alot, and want a nice backdrop while doing so!



If you are going to like be airbnb-ing it or putting it on booking.yeah for any time, can the person that you want to take care of it get there? Is it super remote? This isn't the same as location, but more like accessibility for the manager.



Can you park there easily, if you are taking in groceries or picking the kiddos up from school in the rain.  Seems weird, but once when we were looking for property in Trinidad, when we pulled up to the place, there was like a clIff-like parking lot, and then like a mine-shaft of stairs... I was like, 'hell to the no' I didn't even look at that place.

Drastic example, but you get the point.



Even if you don't have those things called children, you might not want to be near a school hearing all of those happy ass kids ass day, or deal with the traffic of drop off and pick up! If you do have lovely little ones, the school doesn't have to be the best international school on island, because you're going there for the culture and laid-backness, right?  It should be close enough to walk to or take a short public transportation ride to.  That way, you can get back home and finish watching a few episodes of Criminal Minds and baking bread and picking berries and shit before they need to be picked up from school.

Also remember that properties closer to schools will cost a bit more in most areas.



Is there space for the cows and chickens? Okay, not everyone wants a farm (although I can't see why not) but you get me.  Is there space to spread out and have your alone time and family time and space for the big ass kitchen with the massive Gilligan's Island and the awesome bar stools? Yeah, space. You have enough in that place you're considering?


Please let me know if this helps you or anyone you share it with