Soap-making Take 2

Well Stephen and I were at it again this morning.... uh soapmaking... what were you thinking???

Anyhoo it went much smoother because his Dad helped.  Made mango and amber (hot process) and I'll share with you what we learned. 

Lord, label all your shit and have it ready before hand!  THIS is what #solocups were made for! Label them water, oil, oil 2, more damn oil, smell goods, and lye - I measure everything out in the cups first...  wait... i'm gonna put links to where to get these things next to them... don't worry, I loathe ads, they're like nuts in your cake, so annoying - so they will never be on this Blog!

Have all of your hardware (crockpot, goggles, gloves, digital scale)

I label the blue solo cups like this (use whatever labels you want, just do the lye LAST)


more oil

maybe more (but i would start with only 2 oils if it is your first time)

distilled water

lye (label it and measure it out LAST - listen to me - LAST!!!)

smell goods (essential oils or oils from the Arabs on the streets in Harlem/DC/etc)


Now, set up all your stuff

crock pot (that you got from the thrift store)

a pyrex dish (also from the thrift store)

a white towel (from your stash)

rubber scraper thing

immersion blender (new)

digital scale (new) - yes because you don't want to wait until you blow up your damn laundry room to realize that's why it was at goodwill in the first place!

metal long spoon (your choice)

are you wearing a long sleeved shirt? (please do) make it one with elastic banded wrists

gardening gloves (trust me)

protective eyewear

a mask for dust and fumes and stuff

and your mold (try a pringles can or get a silicone mold from the thrift store)

I'm going to put in pictures of these, low quality, but pics nonetheless - so be grateful

I guess a recipe would be good here too huh, ok - next time, it was a struggle with the pictures!!! or you can email me and I'll send you a basic recipe to get you started - (in case you don't want to wait for me to figure out this picture foolishness on the blog)


So my cousin just visited me and was commenting how she doesn't have time to do her soaping with the baby and all... if you have this same problem, just set up all of your stuff the night before, measured out and everything, everything except the lye (duh).  I'm talking about lining the mold too!  And get up at 4:30 in the morning, when those little mofo's are in REM, and have at it!  You can be done in less than 45 minutes and have time for a nice cup of tea as a reward.