Jenny’s Car Park with Dominos

Why Jenny’s???  Cause I used to lime there, some of the best carefree days of my life! 

Ok, back to teaching these kiddos... this is a simple one. 

Using 12 dot dominos, match the domino to its SUM in the Car Park. 

For some reason, once students learn the times tables, they forget how to add.  Trust me. This quick math center allows them to get back to basics, while crashing into each other with the dominoes. 😏


Download the Car Park Mat for free here.  I like to print out all of my centers over the summer and put them in a binder in sheet protectors. I rotate 3-4 centers a week to keep it interesting. They ALL use only dominos, playing cards and dice. Ain’t nobody got time for all of that extra stuff (unless you want :-| )