Coffee & Donuts

Coffee & Donuts


Vietnamese Coffee Soap, Exfoliating Soap, Handmade Soap, Homemade Soap, Coffee Scented, Scrubby Soap, Infused Soap

So awesome to have a brother that goes to South Korea to visit your son and then passes through Nam for coffee for me <3

Why Not?

I'm serious about my coffee.  Serious about bathing with it, that is!  We are starting a hobby farm in the islands so I can pick all the things I want to put in my soaps, I don't drink it really, I'm more of a tea person - but coffee in soap is just DIVINE, you hear me?  These are a bit rough, because #4 wanted me to use that mold that looks like a little cake, and lord was it a mission to get them out of there!!!

Made a super small batch by hot process, and got these chunky beauties - this Vietnamese coffee handmade soap bar is made with coffee (instead of water or milk), Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Grape-seed Oil and has a wonderful creamy lather. This is the love child of coffee and donuts. The added coffee grinds add just enough scrub-a-dub texture to help restore your skin to its glory days!