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Fast Forward

So I'm not really sure, and boy does this bother me, about what a blog is supposed to be, so I'm just gonna write my random thoughts (because I'm a Gemini).  I'm imagining sort of like a diary, but not everyday, because who can remember to do that?, and not so personal, because I don't need the world all in my business.

Sooooooooo this morning I finally figured out how to change the channel on that TV on the treadmill.  Yeah, I know, slow learner - well with tech stuff anyway. Wait, with most things that aren't academic. 

Now that I can do this, I figure, if I get there exactly when they open, I can walk and watch and run through the commercials, like my own real-time version of fast forwarding!!! And that is probably only funny to me, cause I'm quirky like that.